Ways in Showing Appreciation to Waste Collectors

Garbage collectors are the unsung heroes of waste services. They perform a job many would be too squeamish to undertake, and they improve quality of life for residents of communities around Australia. They work in the early hours of the morning, so they often go unseen by much of the community. To show your local waste collector how much you appreciate the work they do, this article has a few simple tips.

Separate waste correctly

To make life as easy as possible for waste services workers, ensure all waste is appropriately separated for collection. This means no recycling in the general waste bin, and vice versa. This is a practice all should be adopting anyway, but it’s easy at times to relax attitudes and slip.

waste disposal

[photo courtesy of: businessroom.com]

Filling the bins

Overfilling bins is a problem for waste workers because garbage can often fall out as they’re emptying them. To reduce frustration, keep a clean neighbourhood and keep everyone happy, ensure there are no loose bits of waste liable to fall from the bin. Everything should be secured in quality trash bags, with no exceptions.

garbage truck

[photo courtesy of: clearimpression.wordpress.com]

Bin Position

Most waste workers empty bins by using mechanical arms on the specialised trucks they drive. Controlling these arms requires skill, not unlike that of playing an arcade claw machine game. To help workers get in and out as fast as possible, position bins at least a metre apart and close enough to the street, parallel to the kerb. This optimises their collection of the bin’s contents, meaning the job can be done faster.

A token of appreciation.

For once in a while, waste collectors might appreciate something for morning tea, like homemade cookies or muffins. These types of gestures require very little effort on the part of neighbours, but can really make the day of their recipient.


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