Easy Ways to Eliminate Your Organic Waste at Home

Organic waste is a common issue among all homes in Australia. Its proper disposal is important for a healthy community, and while many homes have solutions for it, community understanding of its importance can be improved. Below are the three main questions surrounding organic waste, and how to deal with it.

What is it?

Organic waste is any kind of waste that is unprocessed and can naturally break down in the earth. The greatest volume of organic waste in most households comes from the garden, where waste like lawn clippings, pruned branches, weeds and other plant-based items require disposal.  However, organic waste as a definition also extends to kitchen scraps – offcuts from vegetables and fruits. If it will degrade naturally, it is organic waste.

organic waste

[photo courtesy of: globalrcy.com]

Why is it a problem?

Organic waste is only an issue when it’s improperly disposed of. As stated, it breaks down naturally, so having organic waste in landfill is a big problem. In landfill, it doesn’t biodegrade as it should, taking up unnecessary space. More landfill is bad for the planet, which is why proper disposal is so essential.

How can you dispose of  organicwaste?

The best practices for disposing of organic waste can be found right around the home. Most council waste services around Australia include a ‘green bin’ solution, which is a designated receptacle for all organic waste, particularly that from the garden. This bin should be used fully where possible, as its separation from other waste means organic items can be processed into useful materials once more, like fertiliser and mulch.

Around the home, a compost heap will help generate materials for a healthy garden, as well as provide a means of responsibly disposing of food scraps. A compost heap is certainly not for everyone, but it’s an excellent option to consider.


[photo courtesy of: fabbabygear.wordpress.com]

 organic waste1

[photo courtesy of: sita.co.uk]


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