Different Ways on How to Recycle Batteries


[photo courtesy of: wikipedia.org]

With modern technology comes the need for sources of power which are both portable and has a high capacity. Technology has brought us a long way since the 1800s where humans first took kerosene as fuel for lamps and to aid in portable lighting and cooking. Prior to that, fuel had to be collected and stockpiled in a certain area to lessen the time taken to collect the said fuel and to ensure the most efficient way of using fuel.

Modern times, old problems

Fast-forward to the future, most of the problems human ancestors faced are the same as the ones we face today – we all need a portable/light fuel source to help us to power technology. Kerosene as a fuel and power source have evolved to involve electricity – whether from wet batteries such as those used in cars and boats to dry-cell batteries your everyday Joe is more used to – batteries used in day-to-day devices from remote controls to mobile phones. A portable source of energy enables individuals to travel further and to do more things away from the home – more than any time in history before.

Modern times, modern problems

However, with the advent of unrenewable fuel sources, the problem of waste comes about. Landfills are filling up at an unprecedented rate and governments are struggling to think of ways to handle this. Recycling programmes, including those for battery recycling are becoming more commonplace now – especially in developing countries. Developed countries are taking the lead here however and are paving the way for other countries to follow suit.

Collective Effort

Battery recycling might be considered a small step towards general awareness of the collective waste issue facing the world today but it’s something that every individual can play a role in and something that will lead to greater awareness for recycling and waste management. Here are some ways you can recycle your batteries:

  1. Bring depleted car batteries to your mechanic for proper disposal
  2. Use your local council waste disposal facility to dispose and recycle batteries properly
  3. Visit the local electrical/telecommunications store which often will have battery-recycling campaigns
  4. Invest in rechargeable batteries
  5. Liaise with not for profit waste disposal programs (e.g. CleanUp, Planet Ark, ABRI, etc)



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