Community Activities in Promoting Proper Waste Disposal

waste disposal1

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 The Chullora Recycling Centre in Western Sydney is one of the many waste management facilities around Australia that handle waste for communities. Chullora, like the others, works hard for its local community to be an accessible port for disposal, which in turn prevents waste from ending up in the wrong place. While the management services for waste do great work, they rely on an informed an active community to ensure all waste is being disposed of in the proper fashion. Below are some activities that can be undertaken in communities to help promote proper waste disposal.

Neighbourhood meetings

It’s quite easy to work a simple group discussion into an existing neighbourhood meeting format. When a community is meeting for a general purpose, a few minutes spent discussing locally available waste management services can help disseminate information, as it spreads through word of mouth. People will generally be receptive to this idea, so long as it’s not too dense or uninteresting.


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Recycling drives

Organise a street fair with a waste disposal component. For example, provide communal disposal for products like e-waste, which will give neighbours an easy avenue to rid themselves of items, and ensure they don’t end up in landfill. The same can be done for all kinds of waste, like organic or standard recycling of plastics. For this kind of activity, it’s important to consider the message and the ‘marketing’ of it all. People are unlikely to be very excited by the idea of waste management, but will be vastly more interested in a lifestyle concept, like ridding their home of junk. With regards to traditional media, this kind of thing is best promoted through neighbourhood signage. For social media, publishing Facebook posts with relevant information can spread organically through a small community and easily inform all relevant parties.


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