Benefits of Proper Timber Disposal in the Community

Starting a proper garbage disposal commitment in the community has many perceived benefits. These include things such as timber recycling which has benefits for both the home and the environment. This is one of the many benefits of proper garbage disposal; others include an increase in health and wellbeing.

Recycled Timber for the Home

Recycled timber is a fantastic source of wood for flooring inside the home as well as decks, window frames, cabinets, doors and even staircases. Each of these has the opportunity to be a feature in any home. Timber floors are perfect for family homes and create a stylish and modern finish to any house.


Recycled Timber for the Environment

Recycled timber is perceived as a positive prospect for the environment. It minimises the impact on existing trees and is seen to be an environmentally friendly source of wood. A growth in this will see a decrease in deforestation and harm to the environment.

Health & Wellbeing

Proper garbage disposal also has many positive factors for the communities’ health and wellbeing such as minimising incineration. Incineration of garbage is known to potentially cause health risks, through proper garbage disposal these risks can be minimised for the community.

Other Negative Effects

Poor waste disposal can have some serious negative impacts on the environment. It can cause an increase in air and land pollution as well as contamination of soil and water. Not only does this affect the environment but the economy too. Cities that have poor cleanliness are not going to be seen as neither primary tourist destinations nor areas where locals would wish to visit and drive the communities’ economy.

It’s time to start using a proper garbage disposal plan individually and in the community. The positive impacts for the environment, the economy and most importantly the wellbeing of people and animals is worth the small effort required to recycle properly.


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