Ways to Earn Money through Recycling


The importance of recycling and its impact on the environment cannot be stressed enough, but for those who are less than enamoured with the idea of sorting through their rubbish, the prospect of earning some extra money in the process could be the motivation they need to get into the habit! Here are some ways to help your hip pocket while you help the planet:  

Yes you can can can

South Australia and Northern Territory each offer a 10c refund on empty bottles and cans that are returned. The drinks must be covered by the state or territory’s legislation and must be purchased there.


Old computers, laptops, printers, VCRs, printer cartridges and mobile phone batteries can be recycled. There are companies in Australia who do their part for the environment and the planet who accept mobile phones in all conditions, and then repair and distribute them to developing countries. In return for your old phone they’ll send you some cash and will even pay for your postage.

Trash to Treasure

There’s bound to be someone out there interested in your old books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, knick knacks, etc. Do a spring clean of your home, gather any items you’ve been meaning to get rid of and sort through them carefully  – what can definitely go in the trash and what can you turn into someone else’s treasure? Sell the second pile at a garage sale, on a site like eBay or etsy, or to a clothing consignment store. Make sure to wash and iron any clothes beforehand as this’ll help put their price up. 

Weird and wonderful

You’d be surprised at the seemingly useless things people will be more than happy to take off your hands. Hold onto used wine corks and old food packaging – these all have their place on eBay.


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