Negative Effects of Improper Garbage Disposal in Our Community



Though absolutely essential for a community to maintain a healthy environment, garbage disposal is a subject many people don’t spend too much time considering. Some of the most significant issues the Australian environment faces in the 21st century are ongoing problems that are tied, directly or indirectly, to proper waste disposal. Australian waterways are the veins of the country, but can too often be affected by pollutants. Similar pollutants can cause the death of wildlife, in addition to simply being an eyesore for the community. Deforestation is another issue the Australian environment faces, as demand for timber-based products grows.

Toxic Waste Disposal

As electronic waste has been growing exponentially in the last two decades, so too has the risk of toxic chemicals being improperly handled. Toxic materials are often used in devices like televisions, and as their life cycles end, they can too often end up in landfill, leaking toxins into the earth. Improper disposal of devices can even impact waterways, with leaked toxins making their way into catchments.


As the Australian population grows, so too does the demand for timber based products. Deforestation, though more attention is being paid to sustainability than ever before, is still a big issue. Improper disposal methods of timber products can see the waste burned, or in landfill. Since many waste management companies, like SITA, offer timber recycling services, this is an issue that can be avoided.


Illegal dumping of waste is about as simple as improper disposal gets, and it’s a serious issue for the environment as it impacts waterways, park areas and wildlife. All this, in addition to being an eyesore that spoils the natural beauty of parklands. Wildlife can get into food scraps, as well as non-edible items, which can cause them injury and death. The same can be said of waste in water, impacting marine life.



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