Safe Recycling and Disposal of Paints


Recycling tips aren’t just for cardboard and plastic; they are also necessary for products like paint.At some point in your life you might find yourself undertaking a household painting project at the end of which you’ll probably have a bit of paint leftover. In fact, homes can often accrue tins of paint over the years, owing to various paint projects, which is not only unnecessary, but also potentially hazardous. If you don’t have any use for this extra paint, it will need to be disposed of wisely.

It’s important to dispose of unused paints properly as paint can contain chemicals such as solvents and metals that can contaminate soil and water. Old paints in particular might contain lead which can become poisonous. To this end, paint should never be poured out into a garden area, even if thinned out with water. It should not be poured down drains either, despite its liquid state. Even placing paint tins in the rubbish bin whole can be damaging to the environment.

Commercial recyclers can recycle paint for use in a number of different industries. High quality latex paint can be sorted and turned into recycled paint. Even the steel cans that paint comes in can be recycled.

To recycle paint at home, pour it into a plastic container filled with cat litter or torn up scrap paper. Let the paint dry out and then throw the entire container in the rubbish.

If you have cans of unused paint lying around the home, search online for a waste management specialist that can offer paint disposal in Sydney.

Recycling paint needn’t just be about disposal, either. Before beginning a painting project, ask friends if they have any leftover paints that could potentially be used. This helps to foster an environment of recycling, reducing the need for unnecessary paint purchases, saving money and the environment at the same time!


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